Vertical Cloud Platforms

Mobile Enterprise Application Platform by Fanggle

Cloud computing is revolutionizing the modern computer industry by allowing businesses of nearly any size to access networking and hosted services at a cost that most businesses are able to afford. Cloud computing is sold on demand, with each individual business being able to gauge for themselves how much or how little service they require at any given point in time, allowing for the maximization of net productivity. Fanggle is a provider of this type of cloud computing, creating a virtual private cloud for our clients to operate in. In an extremely cost effective manner, Fanggle is able to manage our clients’ access to IT services, computer resources and our mobile enterprise application platform.

The three main components of cloud computing are Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Infrastructure-as-a-Service provides management of virtual servers and allows businesses to pay for only as much capacity as is actually required. Platform-as-a-service makes product development and software tools available that are hosted on the Fanggle infrastructure. Applications are made available on the cloud platform for the individual customers to choose from. The software-as-a-service cloud model is one in which hardware infrastructure and software are supplied to a client through the use of a front end portal. Examples of SaaS applications include database processing and inventory control. As a result of the service provider hosting the application and data, the customer is able to use the service remotely from almost any location and maximize the use of mobile business applications.

With enterprise mobility and mobile business applications rapidly becoming standards in the world of computer technology, the time has never been better for almost any business to take advantage of the tremendously beneficial and efficient services provided by cloud computing. Contact us today with any questions regarding cloud computing, enterprise mobility or our mobile enterprise application platform, and secure your spot on the cloud today!

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