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With social media becoming an ever-increasing part of our personal and business lives, more and more businesses are turning to social media tools as a means of expanding productivity and reaching out to existing and potential clients.  Recent social media metrics have shown that social e-commerce has rapidly become a premier advertising target for retailers in reaching out to a mass audience, comprised of both existing and potential customers.  Online social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Groupon have been rapidly changing the nature and face of modern business and together with social e-commerce as a whole, they have opened up markets and opportunities previously reserved only for companies with substantial advertising budgets.  Social media tools have truly opened up a new world of opportunities for businesses of all sizes.

One of the goals of Fanggle is to make available this new world of social e- commerce to businesses like yours.  Fanggle provides the platform and tools to help your company take part in this advertising and sales revolution and to benefit from social commerce to the fullest possible extent.  Social media metrics can help guide you in terms of social e-commerce with the goal being, as always, to convert to sales and increase the overall revenue of your business.  Fanggle specializes in assisting you to reach that goal, using social commerce and  social media monitoring tools to the best of their potential, increasing the breadth of your overall market and maximizing your business performance.

Our social media monitoring and management tool, Socomotion, allows for you to see what people are saying about you, your products or service and/or your competitors. Use our tool for online reputation management as well to engage with your targeted audience. Our dotViral tool makes it easy for you to create easy and engaging apps for your Facebook business page. Choose from all of our available apps such as a fcommerce app, a chat app, a quiz app, plus many more or create your very own custom Facebook app using our software.

Social & viral marketing management just became simple and effective!

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